Friday, 26 August 2016

JYSK christmas flyer

Jyskä post August 25 - 31, 2016 is now within reach - in the last week after week flyer for JYSK. Also, keep your test coupons and flyers Jyskä Calgary incredible arrangements.

JYSK is a Danish retail chain, offering household products, for example, pads, sleeping furniture and interior style. JYSK christmas flyer Denmark's largest retailer universally operations, 2,300 JYSK stores in 41 areas in the nation.

JYSK christmas flyer store
  1. 2000: Lars Larsen most Internet-based furniture company, today Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and China becomes a shareholder of the showrooms.
  2. 2001: Denmark, Sweden and Finland change their name to JYSK stores Sengetøjslager, JYSK Bäddlager and Jyskä Vuodevarasto to JYSK.
  3. 2001: JYSK receives the gift of the Earth award from the World Wildlife Fund's Tropical Forest Trust, JYSK co-founded in 1999 to work.
  4. 2004: JYSK is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Lars Larsen sends out 2.4 million copies of his autobiography to all households in Denmark.
  5. 2006: Lars Larsen has a street that bears his name. [Where?]
  6. 2007: Lars Larsen receives King Frederik IX Honorary Award, which is presented by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark in recognition of Lars Larsen is a valuable contribution to export.
  7. 2008: JYSK Nordic opens Northern Europe's largest warehouse in Uldum in Mid-Jutland. Shop now has an area of ​​64,000 m2.
  8. 2008: JYSK opened its first store in the UK. Mansfield and Lincoln opened in week's flyer walmart, when it was opened in the summer of Blackburn and York.
  9. 2009: JYSK is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and the company has launched an interactive story about the history.

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